Whom is it for?
If you would like to include a neurobiological account in a book, a lecture or a training, this option may be interesting for you.

How does it work?

It is a collaborative process between the participant and the lecture, roughly divided into three steps:

(1) A conversation aiming to define the exact goals and devise the plan.
What is the goal of including neuroscience in your book/lecture/training? What do readers/participants need to understand/get motivated for? What sort of materials and preparations are needed? We devise the plan, I help to clarify the steps for autonomous exploration, literature to be explored and where to look for it

(2) Throughout the course there are structured exercises to build the knowledge and the feedback on each step.

(3) A second consultation to finalize texts and images.

Overall, Broca includes two one-hour-consultations, plus one hour of my preparation (editing texts or searching for additional the literature).

Frequently asked Questions:

- Can I rely on the lecturer to provide all the materials for my training?
- I believe that reading the literature is the key to be on top of the material that you are presenting to others. It is the key to understand the implications and limitations. So "Broca" option is a collaboration, not an outsourcing.

- Can I join the course now, and book the consultation in a month?
- Yes. The course materials provide the basis and terminology. I would advise to advance to phase (2) after the first three weeks of the course. Consultations are available for 4 months.

- Could the topic of the training be outside the scope of depression and trauma?
- Yes, upon discussion.

If you are interested in this option, please describe your project and specify the goal in including neuroscience, so I could tell if there is reliable neurobiological data that can be included. I will reply by email.

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