Ilona Krone

"Since I work daily in a clinic using cognitive behaviour and schematherapy, what I was looking for in this course was information to improve my understanding of what happens with trauma and depression. In particular, what changes can be expected as a result of specific therapeutic interventions. It is very rare that one seminar can provide answers to all questions. But Ekaterina Vinnik succeeded.

I am grateful that on many topics, such as rumination, I became more confident in offering my clients certain strategies to decrease this process, and it was easier for me to work with clients, explaining the importance of these actions.

I think this course is unique because it provides information that can be used for a deeper understanding of the processes as well as the psychoeducation of clients. If you are planning to level up your professional competence, to be aware of the basics of neuroscience in the context of psychotherapy, and to apply an effective scientifically proven approach in psychotherapy, then this course is for you".

Board Member of the Latvian Association of Schematherapy
Board Member of the Latvian Association of CBT
Supervisor (International Society of Schematherapy)