How did the course go?

Feedback from participants after the end of the course

I've asked participants of the course to share what they liked about the course.

This is what they wrote:

It was cool to see how the pieces of the puzzles I had in my head came together: a lot of what I did in my practice intuitively turned out to have a neurobiological basis, including some violations of standard setting recommendations (for patients with severe dissociation).

I loved the exercises on neuroscience experiments. It allowed us to build hypotheses about the mechanisms of some phenomena, turned out to be very promising. It was very important for me to read what is interesting to others, what hypotheses they put forward and what experiments they propose.

The last game is very funny!

I loved the cards! Also, how materials were structured, illustrations and examples.

A lot of opportunity to discuss and think. The level of professionalism and the organisation of the course! I feel the greatest respect and gratitude for it! Thank you, I learned - in many ways!
It was important to me that you did not stick to one point of view only, but also talked about the different approaches and studies that exist. I liked the homework and how I got even more curious about the brain after the course!

I liked that the course was interactive. There was an opportunity to communicate with the lecturer and the colleagues, to ask questions.

An accessible presentation of neurobiological information combined with examples of psychotherapeutic practice. Visual materials. Availability to come back to the lectures.

Everything about depression, how the different psychotherapies work, and how violence changes the brain. It was very interesting to learn about scientific experiments, especially with rats, the extinction of the fear-freeze reaction, and the consolidation and reconsolidation of memory. The homework was also very cool and extraordinary. It's a format that I want to borrow.

"Mistakes" exercise stole my heart!
Games and interactions, connection between the brain and therapy, coping cards.

I liked almost everything. Interesting presentation, great slides, lots of information - links to various studies. There was some very interesting homework that made me think, search and analyse. It's interesting to dig even deeper into neuroscience - it turned out that this is what I intuitively looked for. A more advanced course will be cool! :)

This is a very difficult question. The course as a whole is interesting, because for me this is all new information. I am not a CBT therapist, but an existential therapist. I work differently. I was searching for neuroscience knowledge for myself. I loved that I was inspired to go ahead and study the brain further, also got interested in other types of therapy.

And I really liked how you, Ekaterina, presented the information! I felt as if you were sharing useful information and goodies with me, over a cup of tea, in a cozy atmosphere.

Very clear, very complex topics. It was nice that people from different fields shared their opinions and knowledge in a great group discussion.

The involvement of the teacher, who shared a lot of information.

The topic of neurobiology in general is interesting. I have already applied what I heard in the webinars with clients. Huge thanks for the webinar recordings, slides and the cards!

Material available, the competence of the lecturer.

In addition to very important and interesting webinars, which provided a huge amount of information that I would like to revise, think over and apply in my work, I am very grateful for the materials provided - cards (!!!), articles. There were also very interesting comments and discussions on Facebook.

Your very style in conducting the webinar and communicating, Ekaterina, is very comfortable and pleasant. It was a great pleasure! I definitely hope to learn more from you in the future.

The lecturer is positive and direct. I liked that the presentations are succinct, not "watered down".

Interactive methods, visuals resources and the information itself.

Teaching style and charisma, classroom materials, interactivity, the opportunity to discuss important topics in an organized manner with colleagues, get to know different points of view, and reflect on some questions.

The professionalism and charisma of Ekaterina Vinnik make this course an intellectual dessert. I will wait for the continuation!

Wonderful visualizations and references to research studies

Beautiful brain images and pretty slides :) Structured, easy-to-understand presentation of the material. I watched some seminars twice, so thanks for the excellent organisation of the group on Facebook and the opportunity of going back to these materials.

Expertise. Openness. Quality content. Amazing discussions: participants' comments are a separate course, I will reread them.

Uncluttered slides, the style of the course lecturer, cards, homework (the need to post them and the ability to read other participants' points of views, all very interactive).

Easy-to-understand materials
I work with depression and I was particularly interested in the lecture about anhedonia. Very clear and understandable. Thank you so much!!!!

I found very clear, evidence-based answers to my questions about the neurobiological mechanisms of the psyche and therapeutic techniques, which, already in the middle of the course, significantly improved the quality of my work with people who are depressed or experiencing the consequences of traumatic events.

I really liked how much you know about psychotherapy and psychopharmacology and the connection between the these topics, I did not expect this.

The very idea of ​​a "bridge" between neuroscientists and psychologists, psychiatrists. The price and quality! The ability to communicate with like-minded colleagues. Thank you so much, Ekaterina! Looking forward to your next courses.

For me, the course was quite challenging, I had to remember a lot of physiology and take time to navigate the lectures. But the results exceeded my expectations, because I received not only the systematization of knowledge, but also the results of the latest researches. I was especially impressed by the methodology and the the assignments, it was clear that you put a lot of effort into this, and because of that, it seems to me that your course really stands out! Now I don't want to settle for anything less :) The way you talked and the communication with colleagues gave me a lot of confidence in your abilities and in the searching for information, the desire to look for it. Thank you very much!

A lot of information. Once linked to the specifics of psychotherapeutic works, neuroscience turned out to be digestible and understandable.

Good presentations, warm atmosphere in the group, and clearly a passionate teacher.

Methodologies of psychology and psychotherapy used by course participants

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